Mariangela Levita. Empathy

Mariangela Levita
Public Project, Naples

Empathy by Mariangela Levita was conceived as an artist’s brand to accompany and visualize the conceptual frame of the Project Room programme, that this year will be focused on deterritorialization, dislocation, Transit.
Reflecting on the broader Transits project – the main project of the Project Room programme – the artist executed a modular work composed of 6 elements that inhabits the streets of the city in the form of posters. The posters will be affixed in the whole urban area for the duration of the exhibition programme, which announces itself in this way, metaphorically opening up to the city.
Empathy is the identification with and understanding of another’s situation, but it is also the ability to involve the public emotionally.
Playing on the principles of brand/vision and on the perceptive mechanisms of visual stimulus, Levita broke down a series of adhesive warning tapes generally used to signal mandatory urban transits or generic danger. Shapes and symbols that belong to our unconscious memory, our daily lives, are de-contextualized and reduced to almost abstract arabesques in order to compare, through a subtle and balanced play of duotones, the alternation of full and empty spaces, interruptions and fractures, individual entities that are different and complementary at the same time, and meet and coexist in the same space. 

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