Moio& Sivelli. Naked Lunch

 curated by Adriana Rispoli | Eugenio Viola
 Madre Museum, Naples

11.12.10 | 24.01.11

The fourth exhibition of SPOT series, Naked Lunch, by Moio&Sivelli, opens Saturday, December 11th at 19.00 at the Project Room of MADRE Museum.
Naked lunch is a delirious novel by W. Burroughs, screen played and directed by D. Cronenberg in the 90’s. The title has been flippantly borrowed by Moio&Sivelli for the exhibition opening’s performance at MADRE. This high quotation is overcome by the artists with a representation where there is no barrier between reality and fiction and which they direct on the edge of a livid irony that smugly slips into something grotesque.
Nevertheless, the ironic provocation and the astonishment of the spectator, brutally dragged into situations which are on the edge of reality are peculiar features of the work produced by the Luigi Moio (1975) and Luca Sivelli (1974).
Disenchanted, cynic and decadent, nowadays Art goes over platitude; it mirrors itself into the derisory look of the visitor and into the relation between a sly author and his distrustful public. With Naked lunch Moio&Sivelli offer to the public an upsetting and grotesque performance that will possibly make the viewers astonished and annoyed, as soon as double meanings and hidden references come clear.
SPOT is a project that develops through a cycle of exhibitions dedicated to young Neapolitan artists, whose previous three editions had Giuseppe Stellato, Roberto Amoroso and Donatella Di Cicco on display.

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