Curated by Adriana Rispoli, Eugenio Viola e Pelin Uran
 Madre Museum, Naples 01.07.09 | 31.08.09
PiST ///Interdisciplinary Project Space, Istanbul 09.09.09 | 09.11.09

Transit 2 is the second step, after the first one in Cairo, of the homonymous project. It is displaced in two different places and times. The first one is at Madre Museum Project Room from Wednesday July 1st, the second one is in Istanbul at PiSt/// Interdisciplinary Artist Space; the same exhibition will open in conjunction with the XI Istanbul Biennial.

Also this time the exhibition is accompanied by Empathy, an urban art project by Mariangela Levita.

Transit 2 was born from the meeting between Danilo Correale, a young Neapolitan artist, and two Turkish artists, Didem Özbek and Osman Bozkurt. In many different ways, the exhibition’s works are about people’s migrations and their sedimentation and the ideological, political and social changes that human movements cause on geography and on one town’s social and productive environment.

The Istanbul Symphony is Correale’s project, it’s a musical suite divided in three sections, inspired by the traditional and socio-cultural context of today’s Istanbul.
Exclusively relying on the sound of “Istanbul” cymbals, a famous brand of Turkish-Armenian, manufacturing tradition, Corrreale sketches out a performance where he delegates to the metallic sound of this glorious national instrument the fundamental role of recalling memories, sensations and perceptions that are both ancient and modern. In this way, through the interpretation by the three Neapolitan musicians, he triggers a synergy between the vibrations of the two towns: Naples and Istanbul. The idea of archive, meant as a collection of information and sediments from which connections and memories re-emerge as an artistic process, belongs to Correale’s installations as well as to Didem Özbek and Osman Bozkurt’s project. Starting with a socio-urban inquiry on the ancient European district called Pangalti- a section of the more famous Pera district- where the PiSt/// Interdisciplinary Project Space is located, founded by the artists in 2006, they elaborate a wide-ranging analysis on the tracks of an Italian spirit lodging underneath the collective amnesia.
The past of the Levantine district emerges from Marmara’s literary cues, the faded memories of the owners of a typical grocery called NAPOLI and the archive images that show Italian emigrants dating back to the end of the XIX century and coming from the ancient Garibaldi palace, which houses the Società Operaia Italiana di Mutuo Soccorso di Costantinopoli. It’s a metaphoric promenade through the Grand Rue Pangaldi that makes us think about the migratory flows’ changes. The lottery game that welcomes the visitor at the entrance of the Museum, meaningfully entitled “Viaggio da sogno as Istanbul (A trip of your dreams to Istanbul)”, takes on task of reversing once again the flow and brings an Italian to visit the district and, thus, to take part to the second phase of the exhibition Transit 2 that will be open in Istanbul at the PiST/// Interdisciplinary Project Space from September 8th until October 17th. This exhibition is a collateral event of the XI Istanbul Biennial.

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