Fate Presto

Ex convent of Santa Sofia, Salerno

Salvatore Lacagnina for Jota Castro
Vera Riera for Claire Fontaine
Eugenio Viola for Carlos Garaicoa
Anne Marie Bonnet for Mariangela Levita
Giuseppe Fonseca for Giulia Piscitelli

On Saturday, 2nd February, 2008, at 7 p.m. there will be in the Church of the Addolorata the opening of Fate Presto, in the structure of the ex convent of Santa Sofia in Salerno. This is an exhibition sponsored by the Council of Salerno and the Filiberto Menna Foundation.

During the last few months Naples and one part of the Campania region have been in the headlines for the refuse emergency which has gradually taken on scandalously worrying dimensions, transmitting, yet again, a terrible image of a territory already burdened with contradictions and lacerations. The social emergency, the environmental degradation, the dioxin risk, the impotence of the political class, hardly give the dimensions of a situation which has become unbearable.

These circumstances have produced Fate Presto, a project by Emanuela Adinolfi, Letizia Magaldi and Rocco Orlacchio, with a title which is deliberately evocative and provocative, taken from the first page of “Il Mattino”, defunctionalized and immortalized by Andy Warhol who made an art piece from it for Terrae-Motus, an exhibition organized by Lucio Amelio the day after the earthquake of 1980. Fate Presto intends to stress the reasons for an emergency, produced this time not by the destructive forces of nature but by the not less catastrophic forces of men, the intolerability of which we are forced to live with to the point of addiction.

Fate Presto, that is, 5 artists – Jota Castro, Claire Fontaine, Carlos Garaicoa, Mariangela Levita, Giulia Piscitelli – invited to produce site-specific works for the deconsecrated church of the Addolorata, in the structure of the ex convent of Santa Sofia in Salerno, supported by 5 curators – Anne Marie Bonnet, Giuseppe Fonseca, Salvatore Lacagnina, Vera Riera, Eugenio Viola – called to critically interpret their work. Five artists, used to challenging themselves with social questions, called upon here to produce works inspired by the situation of emergency, to contribute to the work of denouncement and social awareness. Five critical contributions to produce further ideas, to reinforce a theme that from ethics becomes aesthetics, in the conviction that art still has a strong social and political function.

5 p.m. Round Table. Meeting room in the Structure of the ex Convent of S. Sofia
The artists and curators will be present.

Fate Presto: Church of the Addolorata. Structure of the ex Convent of Santa Sofia
Largo Conforti, Salerno
3rd -29th February 2008, Tuesday/Sunday 10 a.m./1p.m. – 5 p.m./8p.m.
Info: Tel: 3393153399; 3281789396; 089254707 email: fatepresto@gmail.com

Bus service from Naples for the day of the inauguration: leaves 2nd February 3 p.m. near Hotel de Londres (Piazza Municipio n.64) to allow journalists and those interested to attend the event. Returns 9p.m. For bookings: South&Coast Agency Tel. 089 241542

Biographic notes


Jota Castro (Lima, 1965). Lives and works in Brussels
Exhibitions, among others: Istanbul Biennial and Moscow Biennial (2007); Emergency Biennial, Paris-Brussells-Bolzano-Grozny (2005); Kwangju Biennial, Korea (2004); Venice Biennial (2003)

Claire Fontaine is a based collective founded in 2004 which operates in Paris.
Exhibitions, among others: Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Kunsthalle Zürich, New Mueum of Contemporary Art, New York; Tate Modern, London, Istanbul Biennial; Lyon Biennial (2007)

Carlos Garaicoa (Havana, 1967) lives and works between Havana and Madrid.
Exhibitions, among others: ICA Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, USA (2007); Moca, Los Angeles (USA), Liverpool Biennial, Moma, New York (2006); Venice Biennial (2005)

Mariangela Levita (Aversa 1972). Lives and works in London.
Exhibited in private galleries in Naples and Colonia. She has also participated in: Incursione Vesuviana, Mostra D’Oltremare (2004); Molfalcone Gallery (2003); Napoli Zero (2002), Castelli in Aria (2001), Castel Sant’Elmo, Naples.

Gilulia Piscitelli (Naples 1965)
Exhibited in private galleries in Naples and Colonia. She has also participated in: Vesuvius, Moder Museet, Stoccolma (2007); Incursione Vesuviana, Mostra D’Oltremare, Naples (2004).
She will take part in the next Berlin Biennial (2008).


Salvatore Lacagnina (Siracusa, 1973). Lives and works between Siracusa and Milan.
Freelance curator and director of the Civic Gallery Montevergini, Siracusa.

Vera Riera (Buonos Aires, 1980). Lives and works in Paris.
Art historian and contemporary art critic.

Eugenio Viola (Naples, 1975). Lives and works in Naples.
Freelance art critic and independent curator.

Anne Marie Bonnet (Friburgo 1954) Lives and works in Colonia.
Professor in Art History, Bonn University, curator and contemporary art critic.

Giuseppe Fonseca (Genova 1960). Lives and works between Naples and Bari.
Professor in Modern History at the University of Bari.

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