Sistema Binario

Sistema Binario
Mergellina Railway and Subway Stations
curated by Adriana Rispoli and Eugenio Viola

7th of May / 3 th of June 2008

Tuesday 6th of May at 7 p.m. opens in Mergellina railway and subway stations in Naples Sistema Binario, an exhibition curated by Adriana Rispoli and Eugenio Viola. The event in inserted in the program of the 14th edition of "Maggio dei Monumenti",

Sistema Binario invites a group of young artists from the Campania region to gather and deal with the space within Mergellina railway station and the nearby station which belongs to the line 6 of the Neapolitan subway.

Sistema Binario has transformed the structure of the underground and railway Stations of Mergellina in a unique en-plein-air exhibition that dissolves in the frenzy and in the contradictions of life. The works conceived are strictly site-specific, focused on impermanence, nomadism, fleetingness and transition.

The relationship with the context, its stratifications and complexity, has determined each of the projects proposed by the artists, offering to the eye of the passengers and 'accidental' viewers, an 'art and architecture tour' capable of transforming the two stations in a fertile weaving of experiences and contaminations.

The artists called to interact with the spaces have deepened arguments related to art and territory, the city and deplacement, the constant flow, the physical crossing over that becomes metaphorical, transforming a place of departure in a laboratory for ideas, a dialogue of shape, light, sound, colour, emotion and synaesthetic sensation.

Sistema Binario links to the fortunate intuition of the Neapolitan 'Stazioni dell'Arte', whose circuit the underground station is already part of, as a creative extension of the process of rebuilding the image of the two Mergellina Stations.

The event is realized under the patronage of Regione Campania - Assessorato ai Trasporti, Provincia di Napoli - Assessorato al Turismo and Comune di Napoli, with the collaboration of Centostazioni (Gruppo FS), Metropolitana di Napoli and MetroNapoli and the contribution of Impresa Spa, Ansaldo, Snav and Elyo Italia.


Afterall, Marcello Cinque, Raffaella Crispino, Federico del Vecchio, Maria Adele Del Vecchio, Sebastiano Deva, Maurizio Elettrico, Corrado Folinea, Anna Fusco, Iabo, Mariangela Levita, Christian Leperino, Domenico Antonio Mancini, Walter Picardi, Rosy Rox,Vincenzo Rusciano, Gian Paolo Striano, Moio&Sivelli, Eugenio Tibaldi

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